Use protective paint coatings for long-lasting results. 

Protect your walls against damage by applying protective paint coatings. Steel is exposed to harsh environmental conditions which is why it is prone to rust. With the help of protective paint coatings, you can prevent rust and corrosion and increase the shelf life of metal.

Proper maintenance begins with doing a fine painting job. If you want to increase the resale value of your investment, we recommend using protectives paint coatings to enhance the structural integrity of your facility.

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Horizon Coatings provides options for protective coating and paint finishing that suit your project architecture and style. We offer tailored coating options to help you extend the lifespan of your project. Our team ensures that the protective paint coatings remain intact to the metal.

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Want waterproofing solutions for your walls? Use protective coating for concrete to enhance the appearance of the exterior and interior walls. The coating has excellent resistance against weather conditions and protects the outer surface against corrosion.

Concrete is porous that allows chemicals to penetrate the pores thus impacting its quality and causing abrasion. To protect the concrete surface against water penetration, use theprotective coating for concrete. It not only protects the outer surface of concrete but also provides protection to reinforced steel bar moisture and oxygen.

Why use Protective Coating for Concrete?

There are plenty of environmental substances such as water, carbon dioxide, and oxygen that can attack concrete surfaces and affects its quality as well as its durability. To prevent this from happening, you need to use a solid and tested protective coating for concrete. It prevents the entry of the harmful agents and acts as a barrier between the concrete and agents. Check our epoxy coating services.

Horizon Coatings brings a range of efficient industrial coatings. We help customers benefit from our expertise and knowledge customers by offering tailored services. We have a range of solvent and solvent-free systems based on water-based technology.

Waterproof Coating for Walls

Protect your walls from water and dampness by applying the waterproof coating for walls. The coating is ready to use and requires less drying time. We understand that even the smallest leak in the roof can cause serious damage. Waterproofing your roof and walls is a cost-effective way than roof replacement.

The waterproof coating for walls is a long-term solution to protect your walls against the daily wear and tear and water damage. The waterproof membrane reflects sunlight and protects it against extreme heat and light.

Industrial protective coatings- For extra protection

The industrial protective coatings are used to waterproof the surface and prevent discolouration of the walls. The coating protects the walls against UV and salt damages as well. It provides an anti-bacterial coating to both outer and inner surfaces.

Want to inquire about protective coating for concrete? Book a consultation session with our experts and pick the best products for your next painting project.

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